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Athens Archaeological Sites- Various Pictures

pictures of Athens-Athens Archaeological Sites  greece

Athens Varvakion Athena

 Athens Varvakion Athena museums hockey of artemission bronze Museums Mycenae gold burial mask The Rampin Horseman,from the Acropolis Museum in  Athens The Bluebeards, from the pediment of the Hekatompedon, 560 BC The stoa of Attalus in the Ancient Agora of Athens. It contains findings from the excavations carried out in this area The tower of the winds , also known as  the Horologion of Andronikos , on the foot of the Acropolis The Archaic statue of the Moschophoros (calf-bearer)- a bearded man carrying a calf on his shoulders, 570 B.C Young goddess Nike, bending to bind her sandal, 400 B.C. The National Archaeological Museum of Athens houses an impressive collection of ancient Greek and Roman artifacts  The temple of Olympian Zeus
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 Map of Athens

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