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          Photos of Lesvos

Mytilene the capital of Lesvos is a small city full of life. The mansions and buildings of exceptional architecture give to the capital a distinct color from the past. There is much to explore in Mytilene while during summer period there is lot of cultural activities. Lesvos is one of the biggest islands of Greece with lots of beautiful places, worth of visiting. Due to the islands size a car to travel around the island is needed. I will mention the most characteristic villages of the island that you should visit while your trip to Lesvos, although I suggest that you visit as many villages and other places, such as the Petrified Forest, as you can. Molivos or Mithymna is a village of particular beauty situated at the north of the island. Plomari on the southern coast is a village famous for the production of "Ouzo" the traditional Greek aperitif. Agiassos 26 km from Mytilene is a typical traditional village with stone alleys, known for the church to Virgin Mary. Eressos and Skala Eressos, the birthplace of poetess Sappho with one of the most beautiful beaches. Eressos is also a popular destination for lesbians. All the coastal coast villages have sandy or pebbles beaches, while in all villages you will find small taverns serving Greek traditional delicacies and ouzo.

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A "Cafenio" in Agiasos, Lesvos.

Plomari, Lesvos.

Skala Sikamnias, Lesvos.

Mitilini Harbour, Lesvos.

Petra village, Lesvos.

Molivos, Lesvos.

Ancient foundings in Lesvos.

Castle of Mitilini, Lesvos.

 Eressos beach, Lesvos.

A basket shop in Mitilini, Lesvos.

 Mitilini harbor, Lesvos.

Mitilini town, Lesvos.

St. Isidoros beach, Lesvos. A small shop in Molivos, Lesvos. Mitilini harbor, Lesvos. Molyvos by night, Lesvos.

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