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          Photos of Mykonos

Waking up around 11.00 pm in the morning maybe considered early since action in the "party" island ends in the early morning and just for a few hours. Begin your day by having a good breakfast at one of the many coffee shops by the sea or the port and then go shopping to the trendy commercial market of the island, where exclusive name brand shops are concentrated. Then for a bath either at the always in fashion Super Paradise beach, a well organized beach with music and beach bar where nudism is permitted, or at one of the other organized but not so noisy beaches of the island like Elia or Psarou beach. In Mykonos town also called as "Hora" there are many restaurants with fish, Greek or international menus of exceptional service and quality. After dinner don't miss visiting the trendy nightclubs and bars of the island. Whether staying in Mykonos for a few days or for just one day, be sure to visit small Venice and enjoy the view of the Aegean Sea, and to take a photograph of "Petros" the famous pelican that is the island's mascot. 

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View form Mykonos town, Greece

Little Venice in Mykonos island, Greece

Fish boats at Mykonos harbor

A church of cycladic architecture in Mykonos island, Greece

Windmills on Mykonos, the landmark of the cycladic island

Panoramic view of Mykonos harbor and town

Mykonos harbor

Panoramic view of Paradise beach

A beach bar of the famous Super Paradise beach, in Mykonos island, Greece

Platis Yialos beach, Mykonos

The beautiful island of Mykonos by night

Fishermen of Mykonos

A pedestrian alley in Mykonos town Little Venice at Mykonos island A classical windmill of Mykonos The mascot of the island, pelican "Petros"

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